Custom Steel Rivet Mini Football Helmets

Upgrade your Riddell Speed, Schutt XP, Riddell VSR4

 Authentic Custom Steel Rivet Mini Football Helmet Upgrade Package

This is the process.

 Start with a Blank Mini Helmet

Holes are then drilled for the Steel Rivets

 Steel Rivets Are added

This Your Finished Mini helmet

 We Can upgrade your favorite NFL, College, High School, or fantasy mini football helmet.

Buy one of our mini helmets, or mail us one of yours, to have this great authentic upgrade package added to your mini helmet.

They Look So Authentic! Fans think the helmet is a full size , and not a mini helmet


 Choose from 3 Custom  Steel Rivet Authentic Mini Football Helmet Upgrade Packages. 

(only made by JPABranded exclusivily for Grid Iron Football helmets)