Booster Clubs

Royality Rewards Program

 High School / Booster Clubs, Enroll in the Gridiron Royality Progam to earn money for your school with no product to sell.

Sell Your Schools Mini Football Helmets and Fan/Cheerleading Mini Megaphones

Choose the Royality Rewards package that is best for you. Determine how much you would like your customers to save when shopping our web site, and how much your school will earn in matching reward dollors given to your school. Your fans will save on all future orders and your school will earn cash every time a school fan shops your school items and all our great products.

Call 912 508 4407 or email us at

 today to get your school enrolled

in our Royality Rewards Program. 

Listed below are some of our stock Royality and Discount Programs for Schools. Choose one of them and then pay for that discount code. After your payment is received, we will email you your Booster Clubs Fans only discount code with in 24 business hours.

***Booster Club Fan discount codes purchased, are good for one year from date purchased.

 Please email or call 912-508-4407 if you have any questions about our program's